Michael Stainthorpe

Route Setter

I set high quality boulder problems and routes in as short a time possible. I have always received excellent feedback and provide excellent value for money. Why not get in touch about hiring me?

12 years experience. RS2 certified. Get in touch

Although I technically started a form of setting at around 10 years old when we got out first garage board, my first real experience setting for the public was at Sunderland Wall as a keen teenager. The manager at the time was kind enough to let me have a go at setting some of their bouldering and routes in exchange for minimum wage and free wall entry. People seemed to like the routes so the arrangement stuck till I moved to Sheffield for university

Whilst studying, The Climbing Works opened and provided me with my next employment. Working there for around two years I further developed my route setting, setting circuits and assisting with the winter bouldering competition sets.

2 years ago I returned to the north east and began regularly setting at Sunderland Wall, Newcastle Climbing Centre and Durham Climbing Centre. In this time I also completed the Climbing Wall Manufactures Ascosition (CWMA) Route Setting 2 award. I am now regarded as one of the premier route setters in the area and am occasionally hired by Climbing Wall manufacturing companies Rockworks and Crookes Climbing Wall Services to set various climbing centres round the country.

I have received much positive feedback and being regularly asked back is testament to the quality of work I produce.

“Mickey brings a wealth of climbing and setting experience to Durham Climbing Centre. Each set is consistently well thought out, in addition he is able to work quickly and efficiently.

Mickey creates interesting problems throughout a full grade range maintaining the problem solving aspect of boulder problems. Often customers comment that his problems even in the lower band grades are interesting and techniques can be applied which some setters may only apply in higher grade problems. I would describe Mickey's setting style as fluid and consistantly of a high standard.”

Hayley McKenna, Managing Director, Durham Climbing Centre

“Michael has set many times for us at Newcastle Climbing Centre. He is highly professional and our customers always enjoy his setting style both in bouldering and routes.”

Mark Goodings, Centre Manager, Newcastle Climbing Centre

“As the largest climbing wall services provider in the UK we demand the most from our setting team. Micky has excelled with his quality setting, strong work ethic and positive attitude, one of the top new school setters in the UK.”