Michael Stainthorpe

Outdoor Instructor

Similar to a climbing wall session, but outdoors!

Perhaps you want to visit a new area and want some professional advice, perhaps you are sick of going out and never succeeding on a climb, perhaps you are struggling to make the transition from indoor climbing to outdoor? There are many reasons for hiring a coach when you climb outdoors, if you feel you could benefit then get in touch!

Outdoor Climbing: £150/day.
Bouldering: £100/day.

Get in touch

I hold the following awards / certificates:

CWA (AB), SPA, First Aid, Public Liability Insurance with Perkins Slade.

This enables me to teach climbing indoors and out. I taught climbing full time for a year split between Newcastle Climbing Centre and Sunderland Wall. I have taught all types of groups including kids groups, adult groups and disabled groups.

Max 3 people ropes, or 5 people bouldering

If you are looking to give climbing a go indoors or out please contact me!