Michael Stainthorpe

Climbing Coaching

When I was 15 I received an Andy Earl 3 month coaching plan for my birthday. I really wanted a bike or a new pair of trainers but the overall effect of this gift eventually became clear. My climbing went from unorganised ineffective Joe Bloggs to structured training and continual improvement. And still is.

10 years on and I am now in a position to impart my knowledge and experience to others. Areas which I can help with are: strength / weakness identification, strength training, stamina training, mental training, nutritional advice and technical advice.

Coaching can range from a 1 to 1 informal session to a bespoke written training plan depending on what you would like to improve and your timescale.

Typical packages include:

Climbing wall session

Through my travels I have had to opportunity to climb with some of the world’s very best climbers. I still find it a great opportunity and privilege to climb with someone who I can learn from. The advice and opinions they can offer often make the difference between getting things done and not.

I have found simply climbing with clients and offering specific advice on climbs is a low pressure format of conveying relevant and helpful advice.

Outdoor Climbing

£150/day Get in touch

Similar to a climbing wall session, but outdoors! Perhaps you want to visit a new area and want some professional advice, perhaps you are sick of going out and never succeeding on a climb, perhaps you are struggling to make the transition from indoor climbing to outdoor? There are many reasons for hiring a coach when you climb outdoors, if you feel you could benefit then get in touch!

Training plan

This comprises firstly of one session to climb and chat about what you want to achieve and so I can complete an assessment of what you will need to work on. I will then write you a specific plan based on what you want to achieve and what you can do over the next 6 weeks to achieve it. After that we will meet again and have another session to see how you are doing. Based on this session I will then make changes if necessary to your plan for the next 6 weeks.